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My 3rd project - Kids Pants from shirt

Friday, 10 August 2012
Seluar ni untuk my 5 months son..As usual, first of all, mesti la ada shirt lengan panjang. For this project,  I used this shirt.
And then, cut the sleeves as in this picture below
Lepas tu, dapatla 2 lengan yang telah digunting. Put aside the body part as for this project, we only need to use the lengan part. Terbalikkan fabrik. Put the lengan part next to each other as in this picture. You can see the shape of the seluar
Cut the red line untuk setiap lengan
Pin it together and sew it.
So, ni lah rupanya lepas jahit bahagian yang digunting
Picture selepas menterbalikkan fabrik
And then, jahit bahagian pinggang dan tinggalkan ruang untuk masukkan getah.
Masukkan getah by using a small pin
Jahit bagian ruang yang ditinggalkan untuk masukkan getah tadi..and you're done!
For decoration, add some buttons atau iron on or whatever you want to the fabric. For me, I used buttons

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