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My First Project

Friday, 27 July 2012
Hehe...First simple project. Since we are going abroad this Hari Raya, I've decided to make a pair of mitten from recycled sweater. A very simple project.
First of all,

Ni la rupa baju. Why I take dis baju? Because baju ni dah lama and there's no one to wear it.

So then, I cut it into pieces. Then, I sew it.

Compare to mitten yang dijadikan sumber rujukan.Maklumlah, baru nak cuba2..Hihihi

And then, I decorate it. Mula2 nak letak button, tapi takut si kecik tu gigit-gigit pulak button tu.
So, this is how it looks.

For those yang preggie..You still have time to try this!

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